Our Services

Everlast Engines has a wide range of high quality Diesel and Engine Reconditioning services to choose from.

Everlast Engines - Diesel Pump
Diesel Pump Room

Our testing facility utilizes the latest computerized test benches to increase speed and accuracy to reduce down time and save you money.

Everlast Engines - Spare Parts
Spare Parts

Everlast Engines stock a large range of spare parts to ensure we can offer the best in engine reconditioning when it comes to your engine.

Everlast Engines - Engine Machining
Engine Machining

Engine Machining is our specialty here at Everlast Engines. Let our highly experienced team and our precision equipment take care of your engine.

Everlast Engines - Dynamic Balance
Dynamic Balancing

A balanced engine will generally be more efficient and reliable and will certainly tolerate much higher engine speeds and reduce internal stress.

Everlast Engines - Cylinder Heads
Cylinder Heads

Petrol and diesel cylinder head reconditioning makes up the majority of work that we carry out every day.  We have invested a lot of money in equipment to ensure high quality work is carried out with a quick turnaround